William S. Burroughs (1914-1997)
The Junky's Christmas (1993)
Runtime: 21 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Color: Black and White

Director: Nick Donkin & Melodie McDaniel
Cast: William S. Burroughs ... Narrator (voice)

Description: Burroughs takes down a book and reads us the story of Danny the Carwiper, who spends Christmas Day trying to score a fix, but finds the Christmas spirit instead.
Francis Ford Coppola produced this short Claymation film based on William S. Burroughs excellent story The Junky's Christmas. Directed by Nick Donkin and Melodie McDaniel, it opens with live action footage of Burroughs as he begins his tale:

It was Christmas Day and Danny the Car Wiper hit the street junksick and broke after seventy-two hours in the precinct jail. It was a clear bright day, but there was warmth in the sun. Danny shivered with an inner cold. He turned up the collar of his worn, greasy black overcoat. This beat benny wouldn't pawn for a deuce, he thought.

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