Eric Duvivier (b. 1928)

La femme 100 têtes (1967)

Eric Duvivier is a French filmmaker, a nephew of Julien Duvivier. Notable films include an adaptation of Max Ernst’s collage novel La femme 100 têtes and Images of Madness.

Eric Duvivier has made about 500 educational films. Most of them concern psychiatrics. In 1964 he was charged with special effects for Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished L'Enfer a film which has delusional jealousy as its theme (It was eventually made by Chabrol in 1994). His previously mentioned Max Ernst adaptation was very well received by André Pieyre de Mandiargues who wrote:
"The visual poem belongs to a certain degree to the ancestors of cinema. The desire to bring it to the screen seems only natural. (…) Eric Duvivier’s attempt is a considerable success and I’m pleased to welcome it as the best surrealist film offered to us in thirty years or more."