William S. Burroughs (1914-1997)

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Nothing Here Now But The Recordings

  1. The saints go marching through all the popular tunes 4:11
  2. Summer, Will 1:59
  3. Outside the pier prowled like electric turtles 1:52
  4. We See The Future Through The Binoculars Of The People 11:27
  5. Creepy Letter 1:58
  6. Inching,is this machine recording? 1:00
  7. Hankerchief masks 3:24
  8. Word Falling, Photo Falling. 1:25
  9. Throat microphone experiment 1:02
  10. Identify Oven Area 1:09
  11. The Last Words Of Hassan Sabbah 12:12
  12. I Was Fooling around with these tapes 3:21
  13. I'm Sorry Dr Benway can't be here tonite 0:43
  14. The Lobotomy Kid 4:52
  15. Dr Benway's Operation 2:10
  16. Dr Benway 2 2:01
  17. Where you Belong (Soft Machine) 3:12
  18. What Washington? What Orders? 8:18
  19. From Here to Eternity 3:47
  20. The Intollerable Kid 1:11
  21. The Unworthy Vessel 2:46
  22. Lexington Narcotic Hospital 3:38

1 Side open album ‘The Saints Go Marching Through All The Popular Tunes’ for the early 60s or thereabouts. Plane crashed was killed en route to San Francisco. Several crash air days in the Philippines. Tangier to Gibraltar once pilot of a plane too was named Captain Clark.

‘We See The Future Through The Binoculars of the People’ lecture text School of Disembodied Boulder - Summer 1976 as "It Belongs To The Cucumbers" with Naropa Institute involved. Poetics cut-up with book Konstantin Raudive Dead lecture dealt a borrowed tape recorder. Phenomena in different languages of intelligible phrases spoken by often blank tape runs through high record an otherwise silent environment.

"""Brother can't you spare a dime?" x 10. Mort reaches in his pockets.

Side 2 at The Hotel Beat In Git rue a conversation between Gregory Gysin in 1959. A film business connected see what it really says is spontaneously cut-up after an incantation to inch - "Is This Machine Recording?" (Circa 1965) - pulling the tape recorder whilst recording, inch by inch. Handkerchief Masks applied to radio and TV demonstrations not as finished theory that the future leaks through the real message. Word Falling - Sommerville operated echo on text from Nova novel.

Throat Microphone Experiment were experiments whilst talking in the

hope of sub-vocal speech.

Last Words – over to Hassan Sabbah or The Old Man Of The Mountain but the leader of a fanatical century A.D - the "hashasheen" to the assassination. His castle in Northern Persia. is an expansion of a section in the Empress Hotel, London 1960-1961. This hotel has since been demolished - and was intended to illustrate a condition of advanced paranoia.

The night falls on Tangier – in the bar the lunch is naked but for a large glass of Cronenberg. Words failing finally end this wretched review.

Enjoy the album he says... in twilights last gleaming.

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