John Cage (1912-1992)

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Various Lectures & Interviews
Various Tracks
Kenneth Patchen & John Cage - The city wears a slouch hat (1942)
Lecture On Nothing, for speaker (1960)
John Cage Considered: An Introduction (March 22, 1965)
John Cage / Morton Feldman: Radio Happenings I - V (1966-67)
Mureau (1972)
Nova Musicha n. 1 (1974)
Columbus College, Georgia (Spring 1975)
Obscure No. 5, John Cage & Jan Steele (1976)
Cheap Imitation (1976)
Empty Words (Part III) (1977)
Il Treno Di John Cage (John Cage's Train) (1978)
John Cage Meets Sun Ra (1986)
Art is Either a Complaint or Do Something Else (1989)
Norton Lectures (1988-89)
Diary: How To Improve The World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse) (1991)
A Chance Operation: The John Cage Tribute (1993)
John Cage - A Firenze (1992)
Caged/Uncaged - A Rock/Experimental Homage To John Cage< (1993)
A Dip in the Lake (2003)
BBC Prom 47: Cage Centenary Celebration (2012)


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"The Music of Verbal Space: John Cage's "What You Say"" Marjorie Perloff
"Postmodernism and the Music of John Cage" Nancy Perloff
John Cage in the UbuWeb Anthology of Conceptual Writing